_My advisory sessions can occur on a continual, project-related, or occasional basis and are grounded in the basic principles of consulting: honesty, commitment, appreciation, and authenticity.

_My working process is characterized by a high degree of empathy, listening between the lines, analytic foresight, and a healthy dose of humor – even at times when things get difficult.

_In my position as a consultant, I personally strive to treat creative and economic interests with equal consideration.

_Depending on the task at hand, I make use of a professional network of experts, including historians, digital experts, art educators, and creative agencies. I use my network as a consulting tool, yet I also assemble individualized groups of experts or special constellations for workshops.

_Based on my systemic education, I work in a way that is constructive and solution-oriented, allowing this attitude, as well as its methods, to flow into my consultancy.

_Discretion is a top priority for me: I will only communicate names and references if there has been a prior agreement and express consent.