My name is Kerstin Gold. I live and work in Berlin and am a passionate consultant. I deliberately decided to apply my experience in strategy-development and marketing to the art market because I strongly believe that creativity and economics can go hand in hand.

In recent years, this path has led me to pursue in-depth studies at the Frieze Academy London (Social Media for Art & Fashion), Free University of Berlin (Management in the Art Market), Berlin University of the Arts (Curating), and University of Cambridge (History of Art). I gained my expertise in strategy-development and marketing through a degree in Business Administration and nearly 15 years of consultancy work in the international marketing sector and creative industry.

During this time, I provided strategic advice in the areas of brand management, marketing, and communication to various companies (including adidas, ABSOLUT Vodka, Sony PlayStation Europe, McDonald’s, and Lufthansa Global), led teams at well-known creative agencies in London and Berlin, and ultimately managed an entire agency office. As a result of these experiences, I am familiar with general business frameworks, structures, and procedures, as well as topics like business management, personnel management, and financial planning.

I am also trained as a Systemic Business Coach, having received certification from the German Association for Coaching and Training (DVCT) in 2011.

Together, my expert knowledge of both marketing strategy and the art world form the cornerstone of the consulting services I offer since 2015: Strategy Consulting for the Art Market.